new converted muslim guide to islam

New Converted Muslims Guide to Islam

The question in the mind of every new Muslim is once a person comes to the light from darkness and accepts Islam by his heart what should be the next step? Next step certainly is to practice Islam. As Islam is a complete code of life and the ocean of knowledge, it carries every level of lessons you need to know about any aspect of life. So, to practice the Islam you should first learn Islam. Two basic steps of learning Islam are:

  • Learn and Understand Quran

  • Learn Salat (Prayers)

Learn Quran:

To learn Islam in a better way you can learn Quran as in Quran you can find everything you want to know about Islam. For the start do not rush yourself to it. You cannot learn the whole Quran in one day or one month. So do not take stress just take the process slow and easy. The key is to be consistent in the process of learning. The first thing to keep in mind is don't stress yourself over it that you cannot recite it properly. Second thing is to take it very little at a time as in a relation Quran Pak is about quality, not quantity. Thirdly, find yourself a teacher who can satisfy your need to learn Quran. The teacher who can teach you basic Arabic and helps you improve your recitation.

Learn Salat:

One of the most important pillars of Islam is Salat. Praying five times in a day is as necessary to the soul as breathing air in your lungs. In the start you must be under tremendous pressure to pray at the exact same way as the other Muslims pray in Arabic. This quite a long journey you should take your time to memorize the Surah and Duas even if it takes you months to memorize that's legitimate. You should also learn about five Pillars of Islam which are:

  • Shahada: Faith

  • Salah: Prayer

  • Zakat: Charity

  • Sawm: Fasting

  • Hajj: pilgrimage to Mecca

In the process of learning a question might arise in your mind is why it is necessary to read Quran and perform prayers in Arabic or why not in your own native language. You certainly can but we Muslims believe that Quran are the literal words of Allah. Majority of the Muslims are not Arabs but we consider the language sacred because it's directly from Allah and it is the part of Allah's purity. So, even if it takes a lot of time to memorize in Arabic do your best to learn.

Practice Islam:

When you will learn about the Pillars of Islam you should start practicing them but, Islam is not limited to morality and spirituality it also guides us about political social behaviors. You will know what deeds are forbidden e.g. stealing, lying, disrespecting parents etc. Soon you will realize that Islam provides the complete code of conduct about how to spend your life in a rightful manner. So along with praying five times a day and reciting Quran or other Dua you should also follow the path that Islam taught us, which you will learn once you learn Quran Pak.