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  • Just click on contact us, fill out the form so that we can have the required information to start trail session with a female teacher to learn Quran online. we are offering online Quran teaching only for sisters and kids.
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  • Once we will have your Quran learning request, we will schedule your classes with best available female Quran teacher according to your required time and days. we may contact you in case we need more information.
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  • If you feel your self satisfied with the trial session with our online egyptian female teacher assigned to you or your kids, you can start learning Quran online regulary.
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Learn Quran Online with Tajweed By Female Teachers

If you are new to learn Quran online, you can try free Quran classes!

How online Quran learning works for you?


Learning Quran online with egyptian Quran teachers is now really very easy for anyone how needs to learn tajweed online or take online classes for Quran recitation at home. one who wants to learn Quran online only needs to have a laptop, a pc, a tablet, pad or even a smart phone can work fine for proper tajweed classes with egyptian female Quran teachers. for best results, you may use earphones or headphones to listen to the online Quran teacher clearly.

We conduct classes over skype or zoom. so, to take classes you need a free skype or zoom account.

You can try our Quran classes with online egyptian teacher without any obligation and if you feel it is beneficial for you or for your kids, you can continue taking regular classes with us.

Do not hesitate to evaluate your Quran recitation online with our expert teachers. reading Quran with tajweed in a way like our beloved Holy Prophit (PBUH) did, is obligatory on every muslim. book evaluation class or schedule trial session now. Send Request


FemaleQuranTeachers is an institute which facilitates online Quran teaching between muslim sisters and online Quran teachers (egyptian female teachers only). We have hired female teachers from all around the world mostly from egypt and arab countries. teachers at FemaleQuranTeachers are highly qualified in the subject and They also have ijaza to teach Quran with tajweed. Some of them have the permission to issue ijaza certificate to the students. FemaleQuranTeachers is an institute purely to facilitate sisters and their kids with a female admin desk and female customer support.

learn quran online with egyptian teachers


We are offering online Quran classes for sisters and kids only. but if you still need a male teacher, you can contact us as well.

1. learning Quran online: If you have a kid of age 4 or more then you can start learning Quran from now. Early ages are the best to start and learn Quran online. Learning Quran online with a female Quran teacher is a good choice. In this age, kid can also get lessons on values.

2. Online classes from the beginning: We are offering online Quran classes from scratch which means if you do not have any knowledge regarding arabic alphabets and their sounds and you want to start online classes from the beginning, FemaleQuranTeachers is the place where you can start now.

3. Online Quran revision: If you have learned something before, you can continue or revise and continue learning.

4. Online Quran memorization: We are also offering online Quran memorization. Just give us a test of your recitation online over skype or zoom and start memorizing Quran online.

Female Staff Customer Support.

We are offering online Quran classes for sisters and kids only. Qur customer support, admin desk, and online Quran teachers are sisters so that is why we are only entertaining muslim females and kids. All muslim sisters who want to learn Quran online or if you need online female Quran tutor for your kids, do not hesitate to call us.

Online Quran Courses A to Z (from start to end).

We are providing online Quran classes for basic tajweed rules with the help of noorani qaida online, reading Quran with tajweed (the proper way to read Quran under suppersion of the egyptian teacher: applied tajweed) and online Quran memorization for the kids and female sisters, if they want to memorize Quran by heart. Basic islamic knowledge and islamic studies are also complimentary with all online Quran couses. We are also offering advance courses like learning tafseer (understanding Quran), learning ten qirat online and online ijaza course.

All Quran Courses
  • learn rules of tajweed

    Noorani Qaida Online

    The First Milestone in Learning The Holy Quran Online

    Noorani Qaida is a first thing that every student should learn if she wants to get command over reciting The Holy Quran. It helps to learn the correct pronunciation of Holy alphabets.

  • read quran with tajweed

    Reading Quran with Tajweed

    Nazira Quran means reading the Holy Quran

    This is the second step after completion of Noorani Qaida. Eligibility criteria for the course are either the student has completed Noorani Qaida or he has basic knowledge of Arabic language (Reading skills).

  • Memorize Quran Online

    Memorizing Quran Online

    Memorizing Quran is one of the noblest deeds

    Memorizing Quran is one of the noblest deeds and reward for memorizing is great, and above all Haafizah (the memorizer) gains special spiritual status.

Why not you try us for Online Quran Classes?

Features of our Services

One for One Classes

Every class will be conducted dedicatedly for only one student at a time. One teacher will provide a complete 30 minute Online Quran Class to one student only.

Any Time & Every Where

24/7 Online Quran Learning services. You can choose any time suitable for taking Online Quran learning, subject to the availability of the teacher.

Qualified & Expert Tutors

We have hired online Quran female teachers from all around the world. All of our teachers are Masha-Allah Hafiza. We have Egyptian female teachers with Ijaza for classes.

Easy & Secure Payments

You can pay your invoice(s) just by login to your account on our website. You can pay via Credit Card or PayPal. We are using 2CheckOut to process your payment with Higher PCI compliance.

Online Web-Portal

You will have a complete record of all classes. You will have all lesson history, lesson pages and payment records, monthly payment options, Recurring payment options and customer support.

Multilingual Online Tutoring

We are providing Online Quran Classes in Arabic, English and Urdu medium. If you selected Egyptian female teacher for Quran learning then classes will be in English and Arabic language only.

We are charging for time not for Teaching Quran Online!

Our Standard Fee Structure


In this package, one student can take three (03) Classes every week which means student can have approx 12 classes every month. Each class will be of 30 minuts.

Contact for More Details

In this package, one student can take three (04) Classes every week which means student can have approx 16 classes every month. Each class will be of 30 minuts.

Contact for More Details

In this package, one student can take three (05) Classes every week which means student can have approx 20 classes every month. Each class will be of 30 minuts.

Contact for More Details