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Memorizing Quran is one of the noblest deeds and reward for memorizing is great, and above all Hafizah (the memorizer) gains special spiritual status and it elevates the status of memorizer in this life and hereafter. Indeed, the memorizers are the chosen ones by Allah (SWT).

We make the process of memorizing Quran Online easy with the help of our top notch Online Egyptian Quran Teachers. We provide the opportunity to take Online Quran Memorization classes at your preferred time in your. These one to one interactive and regular online Quran lessons makes the process of memorization smooth and easy. In the beginning, the duration of class session is 30 minutes but teacher may increase the time depending upon the Munzil (last ten lessons of memorization) of the class. We are following the classical approach in memorizing Quran Online course.

Classical Approach of Quran Memorization Online

1. Sabaq: Sabaq is the Daily lesson of Memorization of the Quran. Teacher will listen to the recitation of some verses, provide correction in reading if needed and will give the verses to the student to memorize for the next class.

2. Sabaqi: Sabaqi is the lesson given in the last class of memorization. Student will revise the previous day memorized verses which will help fixing any mistake and making the memorized verses more solid in the memory. If satisfied, teacher will give new lesson (the Sabaq) for memorization.

3. Munzil: Munzil is the lesson of the last ten classes. In this process student will revise and review the lesson he/she has been learning from past 10 online sessions. This step helps student to keep the lesson in memory forever.

So FemaleQuranTeachers give you the opertunity to Memorize the Holy Quran Online with world's best Egyptians Quran Tutors. Just fill CONTACT US form to start memorizing Quran online with egyptian quran teachers

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